Since the battle of Agincourt the British have been the acknowledged masters of archery. Continuing this tradition the archery centre can again provide the finest tuition and equipment to ensure your early success with the most British of sports. Robin Hood and the archers at Agincourt used the powerful long bow which could put an arrow through armour.  But nowadays however, we do not need to have the muscles of Charles Atlas as archery is now a precision sport, which uses bows designed for accuracy rather than power. Why not see if YOUR arrows fly straight.

Cost: £28 per person
Minimum Number: 5 persons
Duration: 1 Hour
Location: Locally (offsite)
Supplier: Mendip Shooting Ground (click here to visit website)

Available At These Properties

Hunter's Moon

Sleeps 8-10

An enchanting fantasy house like no other, situated in an idyllic woodland setting surrounded by trees and wildlife.
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