Meet The Team

Paul - Director

Having returned to the family business in 2006, Paul saw the opportunity to diversify the farming business into holiday letting by converting the first of the family properties - Lower Hedge Farm. Another three properties and the Sedum Spa were developed from the ground up over the next seven years to form the business you see today. 

Ed - Business Development

Brother in law to Paul and having been with the business since 2012, Ed now concentrates on sourcing new properties and developments for Woodlands Retreats. 

Michelle - Marketing Development

Michelle is responsible for social media, making everything look nice with her design skills and coming up with new ideas and strategies to encourage people to book with us.

Steven - Operations Manager

Responsible for making sure all the behind the scenes preparations of the houses are completed, Steven looks after our team of 16 housekeeping ladies and ensures the properties are spotless ahead of our guests arriving.

Bookings Coordinator

More than likely the first voice you will hear if you call us.

Gemma - Head Therapist

With unbelieveably strong thumbs, Gemma leads our therapists at The Sedum Spa and will arrange the most relaxing break of your life if you let her.

Jude - Head Housekeeper

Working closely with Steven, Jude ensures that the houses are immaculate before each booking. 

Our Housekeepers 

We simply wouldn't have a business without our outstanding team of housekeepers the majority of whom have been with us for years. No matter how messy the houses have been found at the start of the day, by 3pm harmony has been restored and we are ready for our next group of guests as if nothing ever happened.

Helen - Details Manager / Interior Design 

Ensuring that the little touches are in place is a vital part of making our properties feel like a home - even if just for a weekend. Alongside much of the interior design, Helen scours the local shops for the most random of items you will find in each house.

Hamish & Tess - (Office) Working dogs

Usually found wrestling or playing a game of chase – these two play a key role in the story of Woodlands Retreats. Tessy quickly alerts everyone when a visitor appears at the office gate – like a doorbell only louder. Hamish then sprints over and politely asks them the nature of their visit. At least this is how they see it – the reality is somewhat different….